VOIPFUSE adds Broadsoft

ProcessVine has completed integration of its VOIPFUSE service with Broadworks. VOIPFUSE now provides Broadsoft Service Providers with an end-to-end operating system that is unique on the market today. VOIPFUSE for Broadsoft provides quoting tools, order management, provisioning, service management, number management and fraud prevention and links into Salesforce.com if required. Its user interface is built on open API’s, allowing Service Providers to bespoke their own requirements and integrate into their existing systems if they want to go further than the extensive range of white label options. VOIPFUSE not only manages VoIP services but all other telecom and IT services within Service Providers’ product portfolios.

Designed for channel providers as well as telecom operators, VOIPFUSE is considerably cheaper than other systems on the market today and at the same time has more features, is more flexible and is designed to operate in an international environment.