Understanding businesses processes and requirements

The first step in developing systems is to have a deep understanding of both the business processes and requirements. The ability to develop cloud based systems which are less expensive both to develop as well as manage makes them affordable – even for small companies. It also ensures that systems can be kept updated and abreast of process and business requirement changes.

One log-in, accessible information, end user control

Call centres, customer service and order management teams are expensive and every service organisation wants to keep these costs down to a minimum. ‘Quote to cash’ (end-to-end) systems with single log-ins save time and help organisations provide a better service by ensuring that the entire system in effect becomes the organisation’s CRM. Accurate, up-to-date and accessible data bases instantly pushing and pulling information to where it is needed as well as simultaneously providing management reports is what every business requires if it is to thrive in an ever increasing competitive environment.

Configure, price, quote

Product proliferation and an increasing number of channels to market are making the selling environment ever more complicated. Keeping sales teams focussed on selling has become a challenge to many companies. In order to stay competitive companies are looking to decrease sales cycle times, increase productivity, reduce manual errors and at the same time keep sales people informed and updated. Organisations are looking for solutions that can easily integrate into and streamline existing processes and systems.

What is CPQ?

CPQ (configure, price, quote) is a term commonly used for the process leading up to generating a sales proposal for companies offering complex product and service combinations.

ProcessVine’s software helps companies configure and price complicated product and service offerings quickly and accurately ensuring that the correct rules are being applied to discounting, bundling and new product launches. Our aim is to take processes not just from sales lead to order confirmation but all the way from sales lead to invoice and cash.