With the old PSTN network in the UK being switched off over the course of the next few years and similar time frames in other countries, the transition to IP communication is now essential and unstoppable across the world. This transition is enabling small companies to join the large carriers in offering hosted services either on their own switch and servers or on one of the growing number of multi-tenanted offerings provided by companies such as Genband, Broadsoft, Mitel and 8X8.

Whilst this is good news for providers and end users alike, it presents challenges in systems that handle a complex operating environment particularly where integration with legacy systems is involved and where high growth rates are expected and planned for.

All companies are now looking for a ‘quote to cash’ approach where a single log-in can manage everything from lead generation to cash collection post invoice. VOIPFUSE is designed to do this either within its integration into or as a stand-alone service. Furthermore, VOIPFUSE has been designed to manage the entire system throughout a complex channel structure – licences, numbering, porting, broadband, lines, hardware, installations, service configurations and training.

A Modular Approach

A system of this sophistication requires a modular approach where the process can be broken down into its logical sequential elements.

VOIPFUSE provides a complete end to end solution that has open API’s at every stage to enable easy integration into existing systems of both suppliers and customers. User interfaces are kept simple and intuitive so that limited training is required.

The perfect channel solution

VOIPFUSE has been designed to be multi-tiered with no limit to the number of tiers. Strict authority and permission rules keep information within the commercial frameworks required. Pricing and cataloguing can be easily maintained, allowing for quick introductions of new products and services and likewise ‘end of life’ products and services can be quickly and easily discontinued. Margins are managed and protected via pricing and discounting tools that allow sales teams to make quick decisions without having to refer back constantly to head office for approval.


Intuitive administrator and end user portals make self-provisioning and administration simple and fast. All portals are designed for multi-device formats so that services can be managed at anytime from anywhere in the world on any device. User interfaces have open API’s allowing providers to customise the interface to meet their specific requirements.

White Label – Multilingual

VOIPFUSE has been designed for white label use. Logos can be inserted and colours changed in seconds. Furthermore, all screens make use of internationally recognised icons where possible and ProcessVine has the ability to make any required language changes quickly and easily.

Order management

Order management should be part of a seamless process from quote to order acceptance to provisioning to invoicing. Order management can be complex in that customers and suppliers have to be involved, services need to be provisioned, items delivered, systems installed and often in a hierarchical channel environment. ProcessVine has experience in delivering complex order management systems particularly within the contextual order management environment where numerous and compatible combinations of products and services can be ordered.

In the telecommunications environment, ProcessVine has experience within both the BSS (business support systems) and OSS (operational support systems) components.


Provisioning new systems can also be complex in that they often have to handle simultaneously the numerous components of an order, many of which have their own interdependencies and lead times. This is particularly true within telecommunications and VoIP where many components must come together before a system can be installed. ProcessVine’s systems handle this complexity within pre-defined rules that ensure compatibility, co-ordination and communication are maintained throughout the process. Self-provisioning is managed through end user portals that can be accessed through any device with billing events managed through integration into the required billing system. The objective is always to push provisioning down to the end user as much as possible.

Service Management

Self-provisioning allows service management to be pushed to the most appropriate person. Administrator rights allow companies to manage their own requirements whilst end user portals allow end users to manage their own preferences – incoming calls and voicemail etc.

Switch Integration

ProcessVine has considerable experience integrating into soft switches in order to automate the entire quote to cash process. As infrastructure providers begin to offer their own PaaS (platform as a service) multi-tenanted solutions on a global scale, companies will increasingly need integrated solutions. VOIPFUSE is fully integrated with Genband’s NUViA as well as Asterix and Freeswitch and will shortly be integrated into Broadsoft’s Broadcloud solutions.

NUViA from Genband

ProcessVine has worked extensively with Genband, a world leader in real time communications and VoIP software solutions in over 80 countries. VOIPFUSE offers a complete end to end solution for operators and service providers selling NUViA, Genband’s PaaS offering which now has POP’s across the globe.

VOIPFUSE is provided as an integrated solution with Salesforce’s CRM and sales management tools as well as a stand-alone solution. It will also be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM systems that offer open API’s.

Fraud Management

ProcessVine has considerable experience in designing and implementing fraud management software for companies operating hosted IP voice solutions offering both lines and SIP trunks. This experience and knowledge has been built into the VOIPFUSE service.

These solutions include monitoring of financial parameters and rules that link with real time billing, monitoring patterns of calls, ability to bar call types including by geography and time of day.

Margin Management

Pricing tools provide margins to be managed within defined rules. This allows sales teams to quote, price and discount without the need for continual authorised sign-off on deals.


Real time accurate commission calculators and views provide incentives to drive sales teams and channel partners to work hard at closing sales and finding new routes to market.

Affordable and individual

VOIPFUSE is the most highly featured end-to-end VoIP operating system on the market today and is designed to integrate quickly into any softswitch.

Built specifically for VoIP providers, VOIPFUSE is highly affordable requiring no expensive upfront CAPEX. Because the UI is built on open API’s and is separate from the core, it can easily be customized to ensure differentiation.

Considerably better featured and flexible than other systems, VOIPFUSE is at least 80% cheaper than any other equivalent system on the global market today. The improved automation and efficiency gained normally results in VOIPFUSE paying for itself within three to six months.

VOIPFUSE is available as a cloud or as an on-premise based system.