How ProcessVine Helps You

ProcessVine’s objective is to help you optimise your business processes by providing end-to-end solutions that integrate CRM systems such as and Microsoft Dynamics through a single log-in thus streamlining your business, improving efficiency, saving costs, reducing CAPEX and enabling small companies to compete with the largest.

ProcessVine’s VOIPFUSE platform is unique in the world today and is designed to give VoIP providers the ability to manage the complexities of VoIP alongside their other products and services.

Led by a management team with first-hand experience of running VoIP service provision businesses, ProcessVine has been developed as a software business to enhance and facilitate but never compete with your business. All customer data is held in highly secure dedicated instances and the service can be run either in the cloud or on your own servers.

Although some of the global VoIP and UC PaaS providers offer portals for provisioning, these are separate dedicated systems that only handle their own services and therefore only a small part of the overall service requirement. ProcessVine’s VOIPFUSE provides you with a complete end-to-end system that is capable of managing your entire product and service estate, integrated into your CRM and billing systems with sophisticated CPQ (configure, price, quote) tools along with the ability to manage number ranges, number porting and secure emergency service data bases in most countries across the world.

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What ProcessVine Does

Automating business processes

ProcessVine knows that any business is only as good as its processes and to be efficient processes need to be fully automated and managed on a single system…

Simplifying complexity

ProcessVine cuts through the complexities that product and service proliferation, channel proliferation and new media are adding to businesses by simplifying…

Reducing Costs

Faster speeds, increased automation, reduced error rates, reduced headcount and use of SaaS multi-tenanted systems all produce lower costs and improved efficiency.

System integration

ProcessVine provides API’s on all of its systems and is expert in integrating into legacy systems where required.

Speeding up delivery

Digital services have resulted in a vast increase in product and service proliferation, shorter product life cycles and a move to ‘pick and mix’ bundled services…

Sales team empowerment

To be successful, sales teams need to be competitive. They need the tools to be able to introduce products and services quickly onto the market in the sure knowledge…

Future Proofing

ProcessVine provides regular software updates to all its systems, ensuring that they are kept current and continuously improved.

Staff and customer enablement

Intuitive user interfaces on feature rich portals with great reporting tools allow both employees and customers to be in charge of what they are doing…

CRM Integration

ProcessVine’s objective of delivering ‘quote to cash’ solutions means that front end CRM systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics are always offered…


How ProcessVine Does It

Understanding businesses processes and requirements

The first step in developing systems is to have a deep understanding of both the business processes and requirements. The ability to develop cloud based systems which are less expensive…

One log-in, accessible information, end user control

Call centres, customer service and order management teams are expensive and every service organisation wants to keep these costs down to a minimum. ‘Quote to cash (end-to-end) systems with single log-ins save time and help organisations provide a better service…

Configure, price, quote

Product proliferation and an increasing number of channels to market are making the selling environment ever more complicated. Keeping sales teams focussed on selling has become a challenge to many companies…

What is CPQ?

CPQ (configure, price, quote) is a term commonly used for the process leading up to generating a sales proposal for companies offering complex product and service combinations…

About ProcessVine


We are a highly experienced multi-lingual international team combining skills both operationally at a senior level and in software development in numerous industries including telecommunications, media, hospitality and travel. Processvine’s innovative technology is driven by a deep understanding of today’s business requirements helping to give our customers the ability to realise their ambitions.

Mike Webb

Mike’s business background spans both manufacturing and telecommunications industries working in sales and marketing at a senior level. In his early career Mike worked his way up from Product Management…

Kate Taplin

Kate has had many years of business experience, including starting and heading up the leisure division of her family business in 1983 following on from her studies at Oxford University…

George Cioceanu

George has over ten years of work experience. He set up his own company at a young age and has successfully managed several software projects. Having worked for various industries…

Alex Stanciu

Alex has over sixteen years of development experience. Since 2005 he has started his own business, Omibit and is now, along with George, one of the founders of ProcessVine…

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