Automating business processes

ProcessVine knows that any business is only as good as its processes and to be efficient processes need to be fully automated and managed on a single system. Companies require end to end systems that are easy to use, are flexible and can be simply and seamlessly integrated into suppliers’ and customers’ systems that can be hosted in the cloud or on their own servers. ProcessVine is leading the way in delivering automated, integrated solutions developed on ‘quote to cash’ principles.

Simplifying complexity

ProcessVine cuts through the complexities that product and service proliferation, channel proliferation and new media are adding to businesses by simplifying the way things are done and managed. Its attention to process as the starting point, its attention to detail on user interfaces and its use of multi-device simplified screens ensure that the user experience is always kept straightforward.

Reducing Costs

Faster speeds, increased automation, reduced error rates, reduced headcount and use of SaaS multi-tenanted systems all produce lower costs and improved efficiency.

System integration

ProcessVine provides API’s on all of its systems and is expert in integrating into legacy systems where required.

Speeding up delivery

Digital services have resulted in a vast increase in product and service proliferation, shorter product life cycles and a move to ‘pick and mix’ bundled services. ProcessVine delivers systems that both manage and automate this ‘new world’ environment so that products and services can be introduced or deleted quickly, bundled, managed and billed.

Sales team empowerment and motivation

To be successful, sales teams need to be competitive. They need the tools to be able to introduce products and services quickly onto the market in the sure knowledge that they can be managed throughout the company’s processes. Sales people need to be empowered to make pricing decisions quickly without the need to refer constantly to head office.

Future Proofing

ProcessVine provides regular software updates to all its systems, ensuring that they are kept current and continuously improved.

Staff and customer enablement

Intuitive user interfaces on feature rich portals with great reporting tools allow both employees and customers to be in charge of what they are doing – from providing an instant quote to a customer to self-provisioning a new product or service – from any device and from anywhere. ProcessVine pushes as many tasks down to the end user as possible, empowering the end user as well as cutting costs within the service organisation.

CRM integration

ProcessVine’s objective of delivering ‘quote to cash’ solutions means that front end CRM systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics are always offered as an integrated solution where required.