ProcessVine’s objective is to help you optimise your business processes by providing end-to-end solutions that integrate CRM systems such as and Microsoft Dynamics through a single log-in thus streamlining your business, improving efficiency, saving costs, reducing CAPEX and enabling small companies to compete with the largest.

ProcessVine’s VOIPFUSE platform is unique in the world today and is designed to give VoIP providers the ability to manage the complexities of VoIP alongside their other products and services.

Led by a management team with first-hand experience of running VoIP service provision businesses, ProcessVine has been developed as a software business to enhance and facilitate but never compete with your business. All customer data is held in highly secure dedicated instances and the service can be run either in the cloud or on your own servers.

Although some of the global VoIP and UC PaaS providers offer portals for provisioning, these are separate dedicated systems that only handle their own services and therefore only a small part of the overall service requirement. ProcessVine’s VOIPFUSE provides you with a complete end-to-end system that is capable of managing your entire product and service estate, integrated into your CRM and billing systems with sophisticated CPQ (configure, price, quote) tools along with the ability to manage number ranges, number porting and secure emergency service data bases in most countries across the world.