VOIPFUSE – Enabling VoIP providers to have the best VoIP OSS and channel/end user portals available at a very affordable cost but remaining unique and individual.

ProcessVine’s customers using VOIPFUSE are benefiting from its unique architecture that keeps the user interface separate from the system’s core. The introduction of the UI having open API’s means that VoIP providers can build the VOIPFUSE UI around their own look and feel – making it entirely their own and enabling easy integration into existing systems.

ProcessVine launches new emergency service data base management system helping VoIP providers meet Ofcom regulations.

ProcessVine has added even more capability to its VOIPFUSE service by automating the provisioning of Ofcom regulated emergency service information to BT.

VOIPFUSE has integrated into the BT Calypso service which manages the physical addresses of all IP phones in the UK. Available as an integrated part of VOIPFUSE or as a stand-alone service using API’s which can be managed within a provider’s existing order management systems, this new emergency services module delivers the following;

1. Checks the data integrity for the correct address format on BT model.
2. Sends the data to the BT Calypso data base.
3. Receives and interprets the data sent back by Calypso.
4. Saves and stores the conversation history with BT Calypso.

If on a stand-alone API connection, then interpreted responses from BT will be sent back to the VoIP provider’s system in real time.

This service is available to all VoIP providers in the UK.

VOIPFUSE easing the pain of number porting

Every VoIP provider experiences the pain of number porting. It can be excruciating and often leaves end user customers bewildered as to why it takes so long to implement a simple solution.

VOIPFUSE from ProcessVine has introduced a number porting module that helps providers reduce porting time by;

  1. managing the process from start to finish
  2. helping to ensure that everything is right first time
  3. managing all communication with all parties at the appropriate time
  4. managing the rejection process.

This new service is likely to pay for itself within two or three months by both bringing forward revenues and reducing the number of staff needed to manage an otherwise manual process. What’s most important is that it helps lead to;


NFON UK chooses VOIPFUSE from ProcessVine to deliver quoting and order management systems for its business VoIP service.

NFON UK Ltd part of the NFON group, the largest VoIP provider in Germany, has selected ProcessVine’s VOIPFUSE service for its quoting and order management systems. This will enable NFON to provide its channel partners with a portal that manages quotes and orders quickly, easily and with high visibility, allowing NFON’s partners to shorten sales cycles and reduce administration costs.


VOIPFUSE integrated into Salesforce.com

ProcessVine has completed the integration of its VOIPFUSE service into Salesforce.com ahead of next week’s Salesforce world tour at the Excel. This adds another key building block to the ‘quote to cash’ delivery of the VOIPFUSE service.  Details about the Salesforce tour can be found on;


Anyone wanting to talk to ProcessVine can contact Mike Webb at;


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