Fuse 2 chooses VOIPFUSE from ProcessVine to provide ‘quote to cash’ software to manage its Nuvia VoIP (Kandy Business Solutions) service from Genband.

Fuse 2 has selected VOIPFUSE from ProcessVine to provide a full service suite of ‘quote to cash’ software for its VoIP service. Fuse 2 is one of Genband’s leading service providers in the UK. The VOIPFUSE service suite includes operating software that manages the entire quoting, sales, provisioning and service management process from a single log-in. It includes uniquely intelligent CPQ (configure, price, quote) enabling tools which help significantly reduce sales’ cycles. The service manages these processes through a multi-tiered distribution environment. It includes advanced tools for number management, number porting, fraud detection, fraud prevention and reporting.

VOIPFUSE integrates into the Nuvia (Kandy business Solutions) platform as well as third party suppliers’ portals to provide a seamless process and can be integrated into any billing platform.


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